Health Care Town Halls & Presentations


How to improve health care with free market solutions

There is a group of elected officials, physicians, and insurance experts who are passionately seeking to improve care while lowering costs!  Come meet them at an upcoming Future of Health Care presentation.


Who Should Attend?

Employers seeking better health care options for their employees, Doctors seeking to practice medicine rather than enhance their bookkeeping skills, and those interested in health care options that reinstate the doctor-patient relationship and put people first!

Why Attend?

Find out how to save money on health care coverage without sacrificing quality.

What Will Be Discussed?

  • An overview of the health care options available to Michigan citizens
  • Information on Direct Primary Care Services
  • Information on coverage solutions for non-primary care services like hospitalization
  • Examples of comprehensive health care solutions that have been implemented
  • Questions and Answers segment

Would you like to host a town hall or presentation in your community?

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Previous Health Care Forums:

March 2017 – Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


January 2017 – Kalamazoo, MI

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November 2016 – Zeeland, MI

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September 2016 – Northville, MI

Watch the full presentation

View Senator Colbeck’s presentation

View Dr. Chad Savage’s presentation

View Ms. Theresa McIntosh’s presentation


January 2016 – Lansing, MI  

Senator Colbeck Presentation

Dr. Savage Presentation

Dr. Blanchard Presentation


Watch the full presentation:


View Senator Colbeck’s Presentation:


View Dr. John Blanchard’s Presentation:


View Dr. Chad Savage’s Presentation:


March 2015 – Northville, MI

Presentation Part 1:

Presentation Part 2:

Presentation Part 3:

Presentation Part 4:


December 2014 – Wayne State University

Presentation Part 1:

Presentation Part 2:

Presentation Part 3:

Presentation Part 4:

Presentation Part 5:


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