Arbor Hills Landfill Update

For those that live close to the Arbor Hills Landfill, the DEQ has released an update bulletin. You can view a summary of the updates by clicking HERE, or get additional information on how to lodge a complaint or concern.

Many residents have been frustrated by odor issues which were largely caused by the previous operators of the facility that have proven to take a long time to address. The facility is finishing a two and a half year upgrade to the gas collection and control system at the landfill, and odor release has been occurring again as they conducted well upgrades in late April and May of 2018.

The main remaining issue at this time is the ability to transmit the gas from the collection wells to both the gas-to-energy plant and new flares. The DEQ has approved the permit and has said this will lead to new larger blowers, scheduled to be completed in July of 2018. The DEQ is also monitoring work to bore a new large steel pipe under the railroad track south of the landfill. The larger gas line will run through this steel pipe, and further fine tuning of the gas well field will likely carry on into August. Once completed, the DEQ and Advanced Disposal Services expect a large improvement in overall gas collection, thereby reducing the amount of odors experienced by nearby residents.

We understand that this has been a long project for area residents, and there appears to have been times when odor releases needed to occur in the process of making things better for the long run. In some cases smells have been tracked down to other sources. The DEQ however is closely monitoring the situation and working with the landfill to try to mitigate the odors as much as possible, and our office is working closely with DEQ to ensure the landfill stays on track and honors its commitments to these renovations.

If you would like to file a complaint, you can contact Arbor Hills directly at their Community Hotline: 248-305-8432.

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