Colbeck Bill Mandating Transparency in Government Spending Sent to the Governor

LANSING-Legislation requiring state departments to publicly disclose all spending was passed by the Legislature and has been sent to Governor Snyder for his signature.  A pair of bills by Senator Patrick Colbeck (SB 802) and Senator Tonya Schuitmaker (SB 21) will require greater transparency and accountability from state government and will provide residents with additional information online about how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

"This transparency legislation will make it easier for all citizens to see where every penny is being spent and will reveal the true price of government," Colbeck (R-Canton) said. "We will soon be able to trace money to the core services that justify the existence of a government agency, support services such as human resources, information technology and accounting that enable the delivery of these core services, and one-time work projects.

"This information will arm legislators and residents with the data we need to manage our government services more like a business so that we maximize the value of every tax dollar that we spend and improve customer service," Colbeck noted.

SB 802 requires Departments to explain how they're spending money and gives the Legislature the information they need to make smart budget decisions in upcoming years. Each agency will classify each line item in the enacted budget in one of the following spending categories: (1) core services, (2) support services, or (3) work projects. In addition, these plans will be post on each Department website.

SB 21 requires each department, every fiscal year, to have a strategic mission, vision, goals, and a balanced scorecard in place. Budgets will be based on metrics. Departments must define and meet certain goals in conjunction with the Governor's budget recommendations. Funding given to each Department must be used to meet those objectives.

"Together, SB 802 and SB 21 enable value for money budgeting," Colbeck concluded.

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