Colbeck Bill to sell Scott Correctional Facility clears Senate panel


LANSING—The state-owned Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Northville Township is one step closer to being sold today, after Senate Bill 425 was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee Wednesday.

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) sponsored the measure and hopes that with the sale of the prison local developers will find a new use for the property.

“The sale of the Scott Correctional Facility is long overdue,” said Colbeck. “Selling this vacant, unused property will benefit the state, the Northville community and local business owners. The sale will free up the property for commercial use, creating jobs and providing a boost to our local economy.”

Under the bill, Northville Township would have the first opportunity to purchase the property from the State of Michigan and, if the township declined to purchase, the property would be sold on the open market.

The Northville Township board adopted a resolution last summer requesting the state sell the property.

SB 425 now goes the floor of the Senate for further consideration.

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