Colbeck bill would sell Scott Correctional Facility

LANSING—The state-owned Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Northville Township would be put up for sale under legislation introduced today by state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, with the hopes of finding a new use for the property.

“The Scott Correctional Facility has sat vacant for more than two years,” said Colbeck, R-Canton. “With its guard towers and concertina wire, the structure has become an eyesore for our community. It is in the best interest of both the residents of Northville Township and the state of Michigan to sell this property on the open market.

“Selling the space and converting it for private enterprise, be it for retail stores, light industrial use or otherwise, will help our local economy as well as boost state coffers.”

Colbeck said Northville Township would have the first opportunity to purchase the property from the state and, if the township declined the offer, the property would be sold on the open market.

The Northville Township board recently adopted a resolution requesting the state sell the property.

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