Colbeck comments on Passage of FY14 Education Budget

LANSING, Mich. – Today the FY14 Education Budget Omnibus bill passed the Senate25-12. Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) issued the following statement in conjunction with his ‘Yes’ vote on the bill:

“After much careful thought and deliberation, I voted ‘Yes’ on the FY14 Education Budget Omnibus bill. Under this budget, every school district in Michigan’s 7th Senate District will see a funding increase of at least $30 in the foundation allowance over last year and at least $58 more per pupil in total spending. This budget invests $490 million more than last year in our state’s public schools, community colleges and universities and is a 3.2% increase over last year for a total commitment of $13.4 billion to our state’s elementary school, middle school and high school students. K-12 Schools received a 2.2% increase from last year of approximately $31 million.”

“In addition to increased per pupil funding, the state is spending an equivalent of an average $250 per pupil toward the school employee pension system. 

“This budget continues the trend started under Governor Snyder of putting more money into K-12 education each fiscal year, reversing the pattern under Governor Granholm of decreasing the amount of funding (see figures below) and makes good on our promise to fully fund the pensions of our education retirees.

“As we continue our investments in the future of our state, I will continue my efforts to ensure a fair distribution of funds that respects the sacrifices made by taxpayers in our District to support education.”

State spending on K-12 schools over the past three years under Governor Snyder:

• FY11: $10,775,902,900 (Up 0.94% from previous year)
• FY12: $11,088,852,800 (Up 2.90% from previous year)
• FY13: $11,243,487,100 (Up 1.39% from previous year)

State spending on K-12 schools in the last three years of Governor Granholm’s administration:

• FY08: $11,421,776,200 (Down 1.51% from previous year)
• FY09: $11,097,798,200 (Down 2.84% from previous year)
• FY10: $10,675,097,700 (Down 3.81% from previous year)


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