Colbeck comments on State of the State address

For Immediate Release
Jan. 16, 2014

Contact: Jennifer Murray

LANSING, Mich.—On Thursday night, Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, issued the statement below following Gov. Rick Snyder’s fourth State of the State address at the Capitol in Lansing.

“Governor Snyder’s State of the State address has provided clear evidence that Michigan is on the comeback trail. After years of decline known as “the lost decade”, our residents are now finding more and more well-paying job opportunities.  As a result, more of our family members are now staying in Michigan, to the delight of many parents and grandparents. Our population is finally growing again.  Property values are up. New home sales are up. Our spirits are up.

“The improvement in our economy has resulted in more tax revenue for roads, veterans, schools, police and fire.  It is a simple formula for success…the more people we have working, the more people who are able to pay taxes, the higher the tax revenue without raising taxes. In fact, we now have an opportunity to responsibly lower taxes and fuel even more growth in our economy by keeping the money in the hands of those who know best how to spend it—our hardworking taxpayers.

“Over the past three years, the partnership between the governor and the Legislature has demonstrated that the days of responsible governance in our republic are not gone. Our state government consistently balances our budgets in a timely manner. We consistently demonstrate relentless positive action on behalf of those we represent.

“During the coming year, I pledge to continue my service in a manner that focuses on what is noble, true, excellent and praiseworthy. I will continue to seek the best solutions to the challenges faced by our residents and not simply acquiesce to the pressures of political expediency. In the final analysis, striving for the best solutions will make our state’s comeback even stronger.”


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