Colbeck: Governor’s veto of ‘Choose Life’ license plate disgraceful

LANSING, Mich. — Governor Rick Snyder has formally vetoed SB 163, citing a “Choose Life” message as being “too divisive”.  If signed into law, Michigan would have joined more than half of the other states in the country that already allow their drivers to purchase a license plate that contains a simple “Choose Life” message while fundraising for life-affirming charitable purposes.

“I find Governor Snyder’s veto of our ‘Choose Life’ license plate legislation utterly disgraceful,”said Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton. “Every year, 26,000 babies in a mother’s womb are killed.  Many of the decisions to kill these babies in the womb are based upon women despairing over having insufficient support or resources to raise their child.  SB 163 would have helped provide those resources.  Furthermore, SB 163 would have also provided charitable assistance for suicide prevention programs. Looking just at our veterans alone, there are over 8,000 veterans tragically committing suicide every year.  Prenatal care, suicide prevention, adoption services; these are not divisive issues. A simple ‘Choose Life’ message is not divisive unless one somehow asserts that ‘Choose Death’ is a worthy cause.  It is not…and certainly not for the 65 Representatives, 25 Senators, and the many people of principle who supported this simple but important piece of legislation.”

The “Choose Life” plate would have joined a wide variety of fundraising plates that the Secretary of State currently offers. No tax dollars would have gone into the fund created for the plate, and charitable proceeds would have gone to support the work of a wide variety of life preserving programs.


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