Colbeck legislation moves school board elections to November, saves money


LANSING—Local school board elections would have to be held at the same time as November general elections if legislation introduced by state Sen. Patrick Colbeck today becomes law.

“This is a matter of fiscal responsibility,” said Colbeck, R-Canton. “By moving school board elections to the same time as general elections, locals will save $20,000 to $40,000 – that’s $2,000 per precinct, per election. As state and local governments struggle to make do with less, it is only common sense to consolidate these elections.”

According to nonpartisan fiscal analysis, a combined $7 million would be found in annual savings throughout Michigan.

Colbeck also said voter turnout for school board elections would see a dramatic increase with the change, starting November 2012.

“Voter turnout for school board elections held in off years or in different months, like May, for example, has been abysmally low,” said Colbeck. “Pairing them with a general election guarantees larger community participation.”

Senate Bills 426 and 427 were referred to the Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections for consideration.

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