Colbeck: Michigan State Police’s top ranking reflects department’s focus on ‘service-oriented government’

LANSING-Sen. Patrick Colbeck announced on Friday that a recently released survey of local government leaders by the University of Michigan ranked the Michigan State Police as the state's top-ranked department. The state police were rated as good or excellent by 58 percent of local officials, including a 55 percent positive response from officials in Southeast Michigan. Only 5 percent of local officials provided a bad rating.
"As chair of the State Police Appropriations Subcommittee in the Senate, I have experienced the department's dedication to honorable and quality service firsthand," said Colbeck, R-Canton.
The Michigan Public Policy Survey is a census survey of all 1,856 local governments in Michigan. For the first time, local officials this spring were asked about the job performance of Michigan's 14 state departments and agencies.
"The department's focus on service-oriented government has helped the state police earn this distinction," Colbeck said. "The Senate, the House and the administration have worked hard together during the last four years to go beyond tracking how much is spent to include tracking how well we are delivering services. We are unique among Senate Appropriations committees in that we conduct quarterly metrics hearings to ensure that our service performance is consistent with the expectations that we define in our annual budgets.
"While we still have room for improvement, it is encouraging to see that many local leaders are recognizing the fruits of our efforts and the dedication of our state police."
Residents can review the entire report by downloading the PDF online at:
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