Constitutional oath must be honored in legislation designed to protect future generations of children

Senator Patrick Colbeck

Senator Patrick Colbeck

LANSING, Mich.State Sen. Patrick Colbeck spoke Wednesday regarding amendments he offered to a package of bills designed to change Michigan law in the wake of Larry Nassar’s obscene actions and the tragic consequences for his victims. Nassar’s criminal punishment is not in doubt, as he has been prosecuted and convicted on many counts. The Protecting Michigan’s Children Package is designed to protect future generations of children from acts such as those perpetrated by Dr. Nassar.

“There is rightfully no sympathy in Michigan for Nassar, and the desire to punish is high,” said Colbeck, R-Canton. “I am, in fact, an original co-sponsor on this legislation. Yet, upon detailed review of the legislation, I discovered what are referred to as ‘ex post facto retroactive provisions in some of the bills. Article I Section 10 of the Michigan Constitution explicitly prohibits legislation that includes ex post facto retroactive provisions.  As a legislator who swore to uphold the Michigan and U.S. Constitution, I refuse to add our Constitution to Dr. Nassar’s list of victims no matter how reprehensible his crimes.”

Sen. Colbeck offered amendments to strip the retroactivity provisions in SB’s 872, 875, 876, and 877. When the amendments were not adopted, Colbeck voted ‘no’ on the legislation despite otherwise supporting their underlying premise. Colbeck voted ‘yes’ on the other bills in the Protecting Michigan’s Children package that did not have ex post facto provisions.



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