Data Center

Local Government

Ad Valorem Property Tax Levy Reports – State Tax Commission 1996 to 2015

Millage Rates – Michigan Department of Treasury 2005 to 2015

Northville Township Resolution on Arbor Hill Landfill


School Funding Facts

K-12 School Aid Funding Per Year

University Overhead

Common Core Concerns

FY14 K-12 Budget Amendments Analysis

FY15 K-12 Budget Amendments Analysis

Charter School Funding Gap

School Choice Chart

School Funding Overview

PCCS Administrators Report

Legislative History of School Funding

Testimony for Michigan Senate Education Policy Committee on SB 826

Massachusetts ELA Standards

Massachusetts Math Standards

Massachusetts Science Standards

Massachusetts Social Studies Standards

Proposed MI State Board of Education LGBTQ Guidelines (updated 8/30/16)

Federal LGBTQ Directive


DPC Structure and Outcomes

DPCS Medicaid Pilot

CBPP Analysis on the Status of State Exchange Implementation

Health Exchange IT Requirements



ACA Financial Impacts

Obamacare Chart – Your New Health Care System

Direct Primary Care Services

Qliance Study Shows Monthly DPCS savings

Heritage Foundation – DPC Backgrounder

Direct Primary Care FAQ

CMS HMP Waiver Amendment Submission

Healthy Michigan Plan 2nd Waiver CMS Approval

Healthy Michigan Plan 2nd Waiver STCs

Liberty Direct

Wedge for Health Freedom

DP Care Coalition

DPC Frontier


Bolsters Job Creation

Cascade Institute Study

Dr Genetksi FTW

Five Reasons Why MI — 2012 version

Highest in Disposable Income

Mark Perry AEI RTW States Created 4x as many jobs

Members-Only Bargaining

Paulson Study

Right to Work States Benefit — MI version — October 2012

Right to Work States Benefit — Michigan vs. U.S. — October 2012


Vedder Study

Workers Choice FAQ

Keys to Ending Poverty

Combating Poverty: Understanding New Challenges for Families

Refugee Resettlement

Overview of resettlement process

Refugee Security Screening

Refugee Resettlement Journey


Senate Fiscal Agency Analysis of Road Bills

21st Annual Highway Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems

20th Annual Highway Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems

Surface Transportation Funding Options for States

Transportation Governance and Finance:  A 50-State Review of State Legislatures and Departments of Transportation

Road Quality Work Group Report

Longer-Lasting Road Technology


FY13 State of Michigan Spending Plans in Excel format.

Michigan Unemployment Data in Excel format.

Economic Update – Michigan Revenue Estimating Conference

US and Michigan Outlook 2014-2016

Economic and Revenue Forecasts – FY 2014, 2015, 2016

2010 University Wages

Electromagnetic Safety & Cybersecurity

National Institutes of Health: Microwave Radiation Review

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Cynthia Ayers offers testimony at House hearing (video)

Cynthia Ayers offers testimony at House hearing (documents)

Wireless Class 1 Human Carcinogen Argues Anthony Miller MD, FRCP, FRCP (C), FFPH, FACE

Wireless Radiation Brief

Physicians for Safe Technology

Cell Towers Causing Cancer

Cell Phones Causing Cancer (NTP study)


Service Member and Family Relief Funds

Veterans Resources

Senate Memorial Day Service