Standards-Common Core
Standards – Social Studies and Science

Having served as a member of the Senate Education Policy Committee for almost seven years, Sen. Colbeck advocates for policies that ensure educational excellence.  That means an emphasis on local control, choice, and accountability.  The schools that perform best feature a dedicated community of parents, teachers, and students committed to the success of each other.

Sen. Colbeck possesses a unique perspective on education borne out of his background, both public and private.  As a K-8 student, Colbeck was educated via Wayne-Westland and Livonia public schools.  In high school, his parents scraped together funds and he attended Detroit Catholic Central.  He then graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelors and Masters of Science Degrees in Aerospace.  He was later appointed to serve as the Treasurer of Canton Charter Academy, one of the leading Public School Academies in the state.

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