Standards – Social Studies and Science

Sen Colbeck on Social Studies and Science Standards:

The Michigan Department of Education proposed new Social Studies and Science standards to be used in teaching our children. I looked at the standards in-depth and came up with a list of suggested revisions. While the Science Standards were accepted by the State Board of Education on November 10, 2015, the Board did express some concern over the Social Studies Standards and approved another series of forums for public input on those standards, whose dates and locations can be found by clicking here.

Social Studies

I have based these revisions on the belief that the standards should reflect the following principles:

  • Accuracy
  • Political neutrality
  • Age-appropriate educational value.

The suggested revisions that I have provided would promote these tenets while ensuring that our children receive a well-rounded social studies curriculum that serves to make them good citizens under our system of government.

To view the proposed standards click here: Proposed Social Studies Standards

To view my suggested revisions click here: Social Studies Standards Suggested Revisions


My analysis of the proposed Science Standards was driven by the following factors central to the purpose of developing good citizens:

  • Adherence to Scientific Method
  • Political Neutrality
  • Enhancement of Critical thinking

To view the proposed standards click here: Proposed Science Standards

To view my suggested revisions click here: Science Standards Suggested Revisions