Emergency Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month, but it is always a good time to make sure you and your family have a plan in place for natural or man-made disasters. You can find an important list of minimum supplies to keep on hand by clicking here and here.

Having emergency supplies on hand is important, but can also be worthless if they are not accompanied by a plan you’ve actively discussed as a family and that can be followed by everyone. Many disasters strike without warning, and family members may not all be in the same place when it happens. Cell phones and other types of communication may not work (including land lines). It’s important to have a plan for getting in touch with each other when possible, knowing where to meet in advance when you cannot, and to practice the plan well before an emergency happens.

For additional information, plan templates, and more, please visit www.michigan.gov/michiganprepares. And while Michiganders don’t need to worry as much about some types of disasters as we see in other states, it is important to always expect the unexpected. Our cold weather coupled with a long term power outage could importantly be just as deadly as the fiercest tropical storm.  Click here to learn more about winter emergency preparedness.