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Golden Apple Award Winner

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Michigan is growing again!  There are more job opportunities in our state then there have been in years.  That means more opportunities for families to live and prosper right here in Michigan instead of seeking employment elsewhere.  There are almost 18,000 job openings within 30 miles of the 7th district alone!

How did Michigan turn the corner?  By getting back to basic principles of fiscal responsibility such as not spending more than we take in.  I have been a consistent voice for common sense questions like “how are we spending the money that we currently have” before I entertain questions about raising taxes.  We need to run our government more like families do to make ends meet.  That means that we live within our means.  We shouldn’t spend money on things that we don’t need.  In the case of government spending, that translates to not spending money on services that are not required by our Michigan Constitution.  When we do so, it means that we can leave more money in your pocket and the pocket of your family members for you to spend on those things that matter most in your lives.

One of the areas that matters most to many of our families is access to quality public education.  Under Governor Snyder’s leadership, our state has consistently increased state spending on public education.  As an outspoken advocate of school choice and recipient of the Golden Apple Award, I am pleased that we were able to empower parents by removing the caps on public school academies (aka charter schools) and lifting the caps on cyber school enrollment.  Parents should decide where their kids go to school not bureaucrats in Lansing.  We also reformed teacher tenure so that when students attend our public schools, they can be assured that we have the best teachers in the classroom not simply those with the highest seniority.  We even reformed the public school employee pension system to lower our long-term liability, decrease the financial burden of the pension system on our school districts, and ensure that the pension funds will be there when our public school employees need it during their retirement.

I am dedicated to the restoration of the principles that made our nation truly exceptional.  That is why I sponsored bills to promote good citizenship and an appreciation for the documents that shaped our nation (SB 120 (2013)SB 121 (2013)SB 423 (2013), SB209 (2015), SB 211 (2013)).

My team and I are honored to serve you.  We pledge to do so with honor and integrity.


Patrick Colbeck