Michigan Senate Passes Medicaid Expansion Despite Colbeck Efforts

For Immediate Release
August 28, 2013

Contact: Jennifer Murray

LANSING, Mich. – Yesterday, the Michigan Senate passed legislation proposed by the Michigan House of Representatives to expand Medicaid.  The first vote on the HB 4714 legislation resulted in a 19-18-1 non passage with Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton passing in order to deprive Lt. Governor Brian Calley from casting a tie breaking vote. The vote was taken with all 12 Democrats supporting HB 4714 and only 7 of the Republican Caucuses 26 members.

After three hours of behind the scenes lobbying, the initial vote was reconsidered and HB 4714 passed 20-18 with 8 Republican Caucus members supporting. Senator Colbeck voted no.  The bill did not receive the necessary 26 votes for Immediate Effect so the legislation will not go into effect until the spring of 2014. In order for HB 4714 to become law, it must have a concurrence vote in the House of Representatives which is expected to occur next Tuesday, September 3rd.

“The expansion of Medicaid is a central tenet of Obamacare.  Not only does it expand expenditures on what is generally considered sub-par care for low income citizens, this expansion is funded by over $716 Billion in Medicare reductions that impact another segment of our society – seniors,” Colbeck said.

“I share the stated objectives of the Affordable Care Act to lower the cost of healthcare, expand access to care, improve quality, and protect consumer choice.  The Obamacare “train wreck” has failed on all counts.  There are better solutions out there.  My Patient-Centered Care solution would achieve our common objectives using free market principles not more government bureaucracy.”

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