Michigan “will be ground zero in a free market revolution in health care” – Avik Roy


(LANSING, MI) — Senator Patrick Colbeck and Representative Nancy Jenkins were joined in a Lansing press conference by a group of experts in the medical and financial fields to discuss the implications to the State of expanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA – aka Obamacare) and a proposal to reform Medicaid that would expand access to coverage without expanding government (SB's 459/460).
SB's 459 and 460, introduced by Senator Colbeck and known as the Patient-Centered Care Act, would create a free market alternative to the Medicaid Expansion proposals currently under consideration that would not expand the size of government.
"If you implement this approach of saying that we're going to have direct primary care, where poor people, wealthy people and everyone in between can get actual healthcare, this state will be ground zero in a free market revolution in health care," Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy Research.
"There is no doubt–we must reform Medicaid. But inviting countless people to jump on a ship that is sinking amidst ever-deepening federal debt and uncertainty is not the answer. In fact, it is irresponsible. Repairing the ship and changing its course is the only long-term, viable solution for Michigan, its health, its economy, and its future. The Patient-Centered Care Act is an excellent reform and one that I am happy to support 100 percent," Representative Nancy Jenkins.
Jack McHugh, Mackinac Center Senior Legislative Analyst, noted that the proposal blends quality healthcare with a solid business model saying the plan is "two parts Marcus Welby and one part Steve Jobs.this makes sense, this is plausible, and this could work as advertised."
Other speakers endorsing the Patient-Centered Care Act included: Rob Steele, MD, Docs4PatientCare; Matt McCord, MD, Founding Member, Michigan Alliance for Sustainable Healthcare (MASH); Josh Umbehr, MD, Founder of AtlasMD; and Tom Valenti, President of BlueSky Health.
The press conference can be viewed in its entirety at Senator Colbeck's webpage at: www.SenatorPatrickColbeck.com.
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