Public policy forum on wireless technologies: smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi and 5G

Benefits and risks to be addressed

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, announced Monday that more speakers have been added to the upcoming public forum, “Wireless Technologies: Benefits & Risks.”

The forum will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 4 from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Mackinac Room on the 5th floor of the House Office Building, located across the street from the Capitol at 124 N. Capitol Ave. in Lansing.

The forum will feature scientific researchers, policy advocates, industry leaders and government policy makers from across the nation who will be addressing both the benefits and risks of wireless technologies.

“While many of us are rightly concerned about the lead content of our drinking water or PFAS levels in our communities, there is a much more pervasive risk that is getting ignored. We can no longer be silent on the adverse health impacts and other risks associated with wireless technologies,” Sen. Colbeck said. “We can still leverage the benefits of wireless technology while taking steps to mitigate the significant risks it entails.

“These risks are significant and include adverse health impacts such as cancer, loss of personal data security, and impairment of national security. A robust and responsible analysis of both the benefits and risks of wireless technologies has been a missing but important discussion that we need to be having here in Michigan.”

The forum will feature state, national and international experts on the benefits and risks of wireless technology. A list of current speakers can be found by clicking here.

Sen. Colbeck, an aerospace engineer who designed cabling systems aboard the International Space Station, recently submitted a wireless radiation policy guidance brief to government representatives in Michigan and Washington, D.C. The policy brief is available by clicking here.


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