Sen. Colbeck bill would allow Michigan drivers to purchase ‘Choose Life’ license plates

LANSING, Mich. — State Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, introduced legislation that would allow Michigan motorists to purchase license plates for their vehicles to help show their financial support for life-affirming choices under legislation introduced on Tuesday in the Senate.

Senate Bill 163 would authorize the creation of a “Choose Life” specialty vehicle license plate.  Funds raised from the sale of the plates would support organizations and projects that support life-affirming choices, such as counseling and abortion alternatives for at-risk mothers, adoption assistance, and suicide prevention services for veterans and others.

“Many people in Michigan have a passion for protecting life and the vulnerable around us who need our help,” Sen. Colbeck said. “To help raise awareness of the many ways we can help people struggling to find solutions that lead to fewer abortions, more adoptions, more treatment of at-risk mothers, and suicide prevention, offering a license plate that celebrates and raises money for life is legislation I am proud to introduce.”

Sen. Colbeck pointed out that more than half the states in the country offer some version of a “Choose Life” plate for drivers, and the funds are used for a variety of life-affirming programs.

“The money people donate to purchase this plate will help our vulnerable friends and neighbors in a variety of profound ways,” Sen. Colbeck said. “Whether it is a young, expectant single mother who needs maternity clothing and prenatal vitamins, or a soldier returning from war with PTSD who questions whether life is still worth living, the resource centers and organizations these funds will support will be so critically worthwhile.”

“Choose Life” is a popular plate in other states, and more than $21 million has been generated for these life- and health-preserving purposes.


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