Sen. Colbeck votes in favor of Second Amendment, right to self-defense

LANSING, Mich.State Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, voted in favor of several changes to Michigan firearms laws today.

Senate Bill 366 is designed to allow adults aged 18-20 who can lawfully own a firearm to also lawfully apply for a concealed pistol license. Sen. Colbeck previously voted in favor of the legislation when he was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and in a previous press release, he highlighted the sad hypocrisy that young adults could serve in the military and protect our freedoms overseas, yet were not allowed to personally protect themselves and their families when they were back here at home.

“As a strong supporter of people being able to defend themselves, this bill will allow legal-aged adults in Michigan the full ability to exercise their right to carry a concealed pistol as many other states currently allow,” Sen. Colbeck said. “It’s important that the Senate passes this legislation that ensures adults who are of legal age to vote, serve in our nation’s armed forces, and own a gun can also enjoy the protection that comes with being able to carry a concealed pistol.”

Sen. Colbeck also voted in favor of Senate Bill 527, designed to make sure that foster parents do not need to surrender their Second Amendment rights in exchange for being able to adopt a family member. Sen. Colbeck previously highlighted the story of how a former Marine and Michigan resident was told he would have to give up certain Second Amendment rights in exchange for being able to foster parent their grandchild.

“No one should be required to choose between their family and their Second Amendment rights,” Sen. Colbeck said. “The rules that were promulgated by the state administrators here are clearly wrong and counter to law, and they can’t be allowed to stand.”

Sen. Colbeck said he has also asked the attorney general for a formal opinion on what he sees as other Second Amendment violations that the state’s departments are improperly foisting upon Michigan’s residents.

“We now have an executive branch that continues to promote regulations that go well beyond expressed legislative intent,” Sen. Colbeck said. “That needs to change considering the real-world impacts these regulations have upon the people we serve.”

Sen. Colbeck also voted in favor of Senate Bill 584 and other related bills that would require further training for lawful CPL holders in order for them to carry in so-called “pistol free zones.”

Under Michigan’s current firearms law, valid CPL holders can carry pistols in some areas only if they do so in an “open carry” fashion. This creates situations at public schools, for example, where lawful gun owners who don’t want to falsely alarm people can’t instead carry a concealed pistol. There has also been a false impression about this legislation that it would somehow allow more firearms in schools.

“Many proponents of the Second Amendment, myself included, have seen how so-called ‘pistol free zones’ should really be viewed as ‘criminal empowerment zones’ where people with evil in their hearts will go to try to find victims that they believe will be unarmed,” Sen. Colbeck said. “These bills still respect private property rights and won’t allow people to carry concealed on private property where they are not allowed. It will, however, make sure that our Second Amendment rights and the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves won’t artificially end in our public spaces due to arbitrary governmental laws.”

The bills now head to the House for further consideration.


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