Senate Education Committee to hear testimony on Sen. Colbeck’s repeal and replace Common Core bill

Senator Patrick Colbeck

Senator Patrick Colbeck

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate Education Committee on Tuesday will hear testimony on Senate Bill 826, a measure to repeal Common Core Standards in Michigan and replace them with the Pre-Common Core Massachusetts Standards.

“I introduced SB 826 as a companion bill to HB 5444 drafted by and introduced by state Rep. Gary Glenn,” said Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton. “The repeal and replacement of Common Core represents an important step towards improving the education outcomes for our students. Common Core was introduced by the Michigan State Board of Education in 2010 without any proof that it would improve student performance.”

The move to repeal Common Core is viewed by Sen. Colbeck and other education reform advocates as a key step toward fulfilling the goal announced by the Michigan Department of Education in December of 2015 to make Michigan a top ten education state in ten years.

Since adopting the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math in August 2010, Michigan reading and math proficiency has steadily declined. Currently, only 50 percent of Michigan third graders are proficient in reading. Only 49 percent of Michigan third graders are proficient in math, and proficiency in math drops to 28 percent by eleventh grade.

“It has been evident in states around the country, including Michigan, that Common Core has had the exact opposite effect,” Sen. Colbeck said. “It is time to stop the decline and adopt standards that have truly shown evidence of student improvement. The Pre-Common Core Massachusetts Standards were ranked number one in the nation based on student performance and are highly regarded worldwide.”

In contrast to current performance, Michigan had shown steady improvement in both reading and math prior to the adoption of Common Core Standards. The pre-Common Core Massachusetts Standards, however, have historically demonstrated significantly better performance than the pre-Common Core Michigan Standards.

The text of SB 826 and HB 5444 can be reviewed at


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