Senate passes criminal justice reform bill package

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate passed a comprehensive plan on June 9 focused on lowering recidivism within the state’s criminal justice system and improving public safety, said state Sen. Patrick Colbeck.

“This is an important step toward breaking the cycle of incarceration by going beyond criminals merely ‘serving time’ to fostering ways to rehabilitate them while they are serving time,” said Sen. Colbeck, R-Canton. “By promoting rehabilitation and preparing criminals for life beyond bars, we not only save lives, we are also ultimately saving money as prison populations are reduced.”

The plan includes Senate Bill 938, sponsored by Sen. Colbeck, which would create the Criminal Justice Data Collection and Management Program Act to provide for the daily collection and reporting of data related to crimes, offenders, and rehabilitation program effectiveness. The bill passed the Senate with unanimous support.

“Data collection is crucial to ensuring our criminal justice system is being a good steward of taxpayer resources and safeguarding the rights of victims,” Sen. Colbeck said.

The bill package, comprised of Senate Bills 932-949 and 974-975, now awaits consideration by the House of Representatives.


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