Senate Reforms, Restructuring, and Reinventing Committee unveils new website

LANSING—The Senate Reforms, Restructuring, and Reinventing Committee has launched its new website, announced Sen. Patrick Colbeck, who serves on the panel.

“I believe that, in order to reinvent Michigan, we must rethink the way state government operates,” said Colbeck, R-Canton. “While we go forward and implement the ideas and plans we’re developing on the committee, it’s important to give residents a voice in the process.”

The committee website is The site includes a suggestions page where Michigan residents can submit their ideas for reinventing Michigan. Topics of reform include everything from budget and corrections to taxes and health care.

“In addition to providing residents with a way to share their thoughts and ideas on restructuring state government, the website will also provide detailed information on past and future committee meetings, as well as ways to be active in the development of reform legislation,” Colbeck concluded.

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