Senator Colbeck speaks out against the expansion of Medicaid

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck shared an Oregon Medicaid Study during his floor speech Thursday against the expansion of Medicaid.

Colbeck, R-Canton, cited the study which shows that Medicaid coverage generated no significant improvements in measured physical health outcomes in the first two years.

Because the state of Oregon selected individuals randomly and not by economic or health status, the study offered researchers an extremely rare and valuable opportunity to do a randomized controlled study on the effects of giving previously uninsured people health care.

Twelve thousand people enrolled in The Oregon Health Study Group; half of those who enrolled won the lottery and received Medicaid. The researchers, a team of health economists from all across the country, monitored people for two years after being added to Oregon's Medicaid rolls and found "no statistically significant effect" on overall health.

Colbeck also noted the financial strain an expansion in Michigan would put on taxpayers.

“We need to avoid this bait and switch, where they (the federal government) are trying to take their problems and throw them on the back of the state,” said Colbeck.

To view video of Sen. Colbeck’s floor speech and other Colbeck videos, visit and click the Video link.


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