State Spending

How is the state spending your tax dollars?

There are ten million residents in Michigan. The state spending plans available below provide the basic data that each and every one of our citizens needs to be an accountant.  The transparency legislation that I introduced with Senator Tonya Schuitmaker, which is now law, empowers all citizens with information on how our state government is spending your tax dollars. Ten million accountants can help us trim the state budget to focus on the services demanded by “we the people” rather than special interest groups.

FY13 Spending Plan

FY14 Spending Plans

FY15 Spending Plans

FY16 Spending Plans

FY17 Spending Plan

Thanks to our legislation, you can now download a rollup of each state agency’s spending plan for each fiscal year. If you would like to become a citizen accountant, please review the most recent spending plan data and send your top 5 spending reduction suggestions to my office at

The budgeting process is critical to our state’s spending plan.  To read how the budgeting process can be reformed, please click on the Senator’s proposed budget process.

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