“Tonight the Governor laid out a plan for moving Michigan forward that focused on bringing jobs back to our state and improving our economy.

“He noted that "job one is jobs" and our work in the Legislature will focus on eliminating barriers for our job providers and welcoming businesses into our state. Today in the Senate we introduced legislation to eliminate the Michigan Business Tax – one of the first priorities laid out by the Governor in his State of the State. I co-sponsored this bill because I believe that by reducing the tax burden we free up our businesses to hire more workers, in turn returning prosperity to our families and our state.

“As we work together in the Legislature and with the Governor‟s office to bring jobs to our state we will also work to redefine the way that government does business. This means focusing not only on how we raise revenue but also on how we spend taxpayers money.

“I share the Governor‟s concern for ensuring that taxpayers are getting value for their money and that our government is responsive to the people and not the other way around. It is important that we can accurately determine how well our government is functioning for its citizens.

“We can accomplish this by putting in place measures such as the Dashboard that the Governor outlined ( Tools such as this will give us a true picture of where Michigan is succeeding and where it is falling short and will be helpful in providing both transparency and direction as we look to put in place bold new policies.

“This is the type of innovative new leadership Michigan needs in order to think outside the box and bring people together as we work to reinvent Michigan. I look forward to being part of this team and see a brighter future in store for our residents and our state.” 

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