Wireless Radiation

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers much in the way of convenience, economic opportunity and efficiency.  It will also greatly increase the ubiquitousness and cumulative exposure of wireless radiation upon the general public.  Depending on how the IoT is deployed can therefore also pose significant new risks to public health, personal privacy, and national security.  A robust and responsible analysis of both the benefits and risks associated with the IoT is therefore warranted. If we ignore these risks, the consequences include the loss of life and personal liberty.  Alternatively, if we sensationalize these risks beyond the confines of reasonable evidence, we face these very same consequences as no one responsible for public policy will take such risks seriously.  This lack of action by our government will in turn result in significant delays to the implementation of important protections on behalf of our citizens.  As such, we need to proceed with measured urgency as plans governing billions of dollars in infrastructure investments are being implemented.  If not guided by sound policy regarding the health, personal privacy and national security concerns pertaining to these infrastructure investments, billions more in investments will be needed to rectify the issues that surface as a result of these concerns.

Press releases:

Colbeck applauds PFAS Executive Directive, questions why increases in wireless radiation hazards being ignored(10/3/2018)

Colbeck testifies on neighborhood placement of cellular equipment, 5G safety issues (5/29/2018)

Local control of telecom equipment placement must be preserved (3/15/18)


SR 190  A resolution to oppose efforts taking place in Washington, D.C., to preempt state and local property rights and authority by allowing the federal government to directly regulate the placement of 5G wireless infrastructure

SB 1146  Wireless Technology Risk Liability and Transparency Act

Speeches & Testimony:

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